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Wondering how to advance your business and achieve higher results? Increase your operational and sales efficiency with Zoho CRM API integration. Regardless of the industry you’re working in, integrating with Zoho CRM will allow you to attract more clients and boost income greatly in no time. Take advantage of Data2CRM.API establish data interaction between your software and 12+ solutions seamlessly and reliably.

Supported API Methods

Contact Management Functions

  • Contact Get List Count Count all contacts from the system
  • Contact Get List Returns all contacts from the system
  • Contact Add New Add contact into the system
  • Contact Get One Return contact information
  • Contact Edit Update contact information
  • Contact Delete Delete contact information
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Lead Management Functions

  • Lead Get List Count Count all leads from the system
  • Lead Get List Returns all leads from the system
  • Lead Add New Add lead into the system
  • Lead Get One Return lead information
  • Lead Edit Update lead information
  • Lead Delete Delete lead information
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Opportunity Management Functions

  • Opportunity Get List Count Count all opportunities from the system
  • Opportunity Get List Returns all opportunities from the system
  • Opportunity Add New Add opportunity into the system
  • Opportunity Get One Return opportunity information
  • Opportunity Edit Update opportunity information
  • Opportunity Delete Delete opportunity information
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Task Management Functions

  • Task Get List Count Count all tasks from the system
  • Task Get List Returns all tasks from the system
  • Task Add New Add task into the system
  • Task Get One Return task information
  • Task Edit Update task information
  • Task Delete Delete task information
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User Management Functions

  • User Get List Count Count all users from the system
  • User Get List Returns all users from the system
  • User Add New Add user into the system
  • User Get One Return user information
  • User Edit Update user information
  • User Delete Delete user information
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Crm Management Functions

  • CRM Get List Returns all CRMs from the system
  • CRM Add New Add CRM into the system
  • CRM Get One Return CRM information
  • CRM Edit Update CRM information
  • CRM Delete Delete CRM information
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Comprehensive API documentation is a great source to get more information on the functioning of the service, as well as testing it in action. Use the short code patterns and get a glimpse of how Data2CRM.API works. You will be able to try all the methods within CRM platform.

Due to Data2CRM.API unified CRM data interface, you'll get an access not only to Zoho CRM, but 11+ more supported CRM platforms at your disposal. Establishing a connection with 12+ CRM platforms will go a long way toward satisfying the needs of customers and increasing your profit. Data2CRM.API can more than help you to achieve the task at a record speed.

Scalable infrastructure that serves 5 mln API calls monthly

Integration with 12+ supported platforms

Extensive documentation, code samples and tech support


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