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Short Description

Data2CRM.API provides unified API to work with multiple CRM platforms. It allows to integrate with numerous platforms and in no time retrieve necessary store data for further processing. Integration via unified CRM data interface helps to optimize your business logic, save time and efforts on developing integration for each separate CRM system.

Long Description

Data2CRM.API is CRM integration technology that allows to work with multiple CRM platforms using one programming interface. There is no need to develop integration for each specific CRM and their new versions. Unified programming interface allows to integrate once and effectively work with more than 12 popular CRM solutions. Data2CRM.API automatically adds support of new cart versions as soon as they arrive. High speed of performance makes service a considerable time saver.

Data2CRM.API allows to retrieve leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, providing secure and accurate API method performance. Unified API can be used to fulfill different business purposes in different eCommerce niches: marketing automation, product management, e-mail marketing, inventory management, accounting and analytics services, etc. Technical Support is available to provide consultations on integration cases and facilitate work with the service.

Executive Team

  • Ruslan Savchyshyn – Founder
  • Max Orlovsky – Product Manager

Quick facts

  • Home Page: https://data2crm.trujay.com/api
  • Headquarters: Ternopil, Ukraine
  • In Business Since: 2015
  • Number of Customers: growing fast
  • Status: Privately held

Media Contact

For any media questions please contact:
Anatoliy Denys


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