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API Security: Discovering Core Aspects of Authorization Process

APIs have established and solidified a place in business model reshaping as they make data, mobile and cloud applications, and Internet of Things (IoT) more available to larger audiences. Delivering the clearly structured configurations and flows, APIs turn a service or app into a scalable, secure, and reliable system. Thus, the digital era brought technological enhancement along with the skills to crack the open systems, networks, and APIs aren’t the exception.During few hours the personal data, trade secrets, as well as private information, can be disposed if your API security is poorly planned and implemented. The malicious assaults and  Denial of Service (DoS) attacks are...

5 Ways to Improve Marketing Automation Workflow with CRM Integration

The current business landscape spurs for innovations and quick responses to the changes. To comply with the evolving demands and new scenarios, marketing automation workflow is a thirst for enhancements and disruption elimination. As more...

Call Tracking + CRM Integration: Take On Business Challenges Sufficiently

Call tracking tools bring the improvements in business workflows development, and level up the efficiency of marketing campaigns, sales pitches, as well as support service. Hence, the multiple information sources require real-time access for each...


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