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Zoho Integration in a Blink of an Eye

Zoho Integration
Data integration has been an issue for quite a while now. Back in 1991 researchers from the University of Minnesota have created the first data integration system - IPUMS (Integrated Public Use Microdata Series). However, due to the ever-growing quantity of information necessary to keep track of, the problem becomes even more pressing nowadays. Information silo is particularly grievous for the commercial organizations and can often be a serious stumbling block on the road to their success and growth. Failure to connect various applications and data sources within the company can lead to increased costs, poor inter departmental communication, record duplication, etc. ...

CRM Telephony Integration – Make the Call to Improve Your Business

The world of technology is undergoing some rapid changes. New apps and devices appear on the market every day, forcing software providers to search for the ways of improving their products constantly. The telephony industry...

SugarCRM API Integration – Make a Step Into the Future

Nowadays, digital world is full of innovations, forcing entrepreneurs to keep up with modern standards of conducting profitable business. One of such standards is system integration. Due to the growing number of various apps and software solutions necessary to run a successful business, linking all these tools together and synchronizing the data between them is...

Salesforce Marketing Automation Integration – Create an Invincible Duo

If you are a marketing automation system provider, you probably know that the sales counterpart of your tool is the CRM platform. While the two systems clearly serve different functions, they also have a lot in common, like addressing similar business pain points. Precisely this duality makes marketing automation and CRM tools work perfectly hand-in-hand,...

Data2CRM.API Official Release: a Breakthrough in CRM Integration

Get ready to be amazed! MagneticOne is proud to introduce its new groundbreaking service for seamless CRM integration - Data2CRM.API. Thanks to this revolutionary solution, connecting your soft with such industry leaders as Salesforce, Insightly, Highrise, Zoho, SugarCRM, etc. is now easier than ever.  Being a well-known developer of innovative business tools, MagneticOne aims to...


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