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Value Proposition: Filters to Springboard the CRM Integration

As a business software vendor in a digital space, you are striving to go ahead in the constantly evolving industry environment, and supporting the opportunity of CRM integration accommodates the newly discovered requirements. Despite the maturity of your app, consider the scenarios in which the service would make the user frustrated or dissatisfied. In developing the perspective on software features that need improvement, the interaction with multiple CRM platforms offered by Data2CRM.API sets a compelling starting point for software transformation.

CRM Integration to Upgrade Frontline Features

What are the essential qualities for the business software? The useful and usable toolkit that integrate via API and deliver the agile workflow with a focus on the data-led tactics. So, riding the innovation train with the definite desire to craft the outstanding customer experience for clients, Data2CRM.API aids you in building the core plan of the processes iteration.

The unified API service provides the distinctive and robust ways to develop scalable and flexible software to keep the competitiveness level at the ever-increasing velocity. In order to build the CRM integration fundamentally, Data2CRM.API enables you with the next well-made options:

  • Robust documentation with code samples to get meaningful insight of the process of development,

  • Multiple CRM integrations (i.e. you can interact with 17 solutions) by building and maintaining the single system,

  • Extending of audience due to the support of market-leading CRM vendors: Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, Zoho, Insightly, SuiteCRM, Vtiger and others,

  • Professional technical support by the savvy developers’ team,

  • Three-layers security: physical, network, and application - and the security audits guarantee the high-level protection,

  • The service SLA agreement ensures the 99,8% uptime, and

  • Subscription plans are flexible, each requested quote is processed separately, and there is a free trial to test the service in action.

In the attempt to minimize the complexity of data manipulations and make them more seamless and efficient, Data2CRM.API has recently presented a new sought-for option of filters. This means that you have got the correct focus and offered the solution to client’s problems including the workflow peculiarities.

Introduction to Filters

Inspiring innovations, Data2CRM.API added a new feature into the CRM integration toolkit that deals more with your product and brings a rather value proposition to make data interactions easier, faster, and more productive. The common anxieties faced by the users during the transfer, update or retrieving data are

  • the need in specific records, or

  • records linked to a certain user,

  • speed up the search for a record,

  • get the records created on certain time bound,

  • set the records synchronization with CRM every hour, or

  • even restore the deleted records.

With this feature, your CRM integration amplifies the insights into the workload and shows the scope of data over- or under- utilization. Moreover, this enhances the creation of genuine end-to-end interactions shifting the focus from the tons of records to giving more credence to specifically required ones.

Setting Up CRM Integration Filters for Workflow Agility

The industry standards may differ from organization to organization, and the best practices, that offer valuable suggestions about the core business principles for email marketing, diverse from those that can advance the business dashboard performance. Instead of balancing on the theoretical representation of the filters effectiveness in the CRM integration, here are few samples of its usage in different industries.

Let’s say you have integrated your marketing automation platform with CRM and several of your clients come across the following issue. The sales rep has deleted old cold, unqualified, or spamming leads within the CRM system. Your marketing automation service should get the data that those leads don’t exist anymore, and there no needs in follow-up and newsletters sending out. With Data2CRM.API filters, you can apply the following methods to receive that data: get deleted leads/contacts/accounts.

The survey tool integration helps to gather more customer information and enrich the profiles in the CRMs. To update the profile, use the API method: get/lead with a filter for the email entity. Data2CRM.API retrieves this record and. Therefore, you can update it and set within the CRM platform by using put/lead/{lead_id}.

To get higher productivity and agility of the performance with CRM integration, you should apply the filters that represent the data interactions between two systems as harmonious units of parts.

The End Slice

Aside from being a vital component in your business arsenal, CRM integration, and its filters act as a prolific channel through which you can start to transform your software into a forward-leading tool. The integration with multiple CRMs represents your service as a fostering innovation, generating measurable outcomes, and developing the vision and strategy solution. Need more details on the filters opportunities? Schedule a call with our expert and figure out every question you have got.

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