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Q&A on CRM Integration: Succeed in Genuine End-to-End Interactions

Any technological change or functional upgrade come with its own set of risks. On the one hand, CRM integration is seen by business owners as a wildly successful strategy, and on the other hand as a complex process of development. Besides, it’s very tempting to take on the hat of innovator and generate high performance and revenue levels. The adding CRM integration feature won’t steal the show of your service core value, but it will result in the richer experience for your clients.

Shifting Focus to Transformation

Increasingly, more companies are looking for the service quality and customer relationship advancement that will help to find the best way to understand and make business more successful. In this search for the major needs, CRM integration aids in the making your software dynamic and powerful in amplifying its efficiency for clients.

But over and over, balancing between offering your users core toolkit, you are afraid of bombarding them with the excessive functionality. Along with the information amount increases and data-focused strategies popularity, exchanges and integrations between business software and CRM platforms appear as opportunities that businesses need in order to grow.

The unified application programming service Data2CRM.API enables the maintenance of the reliable and scalable infrastructure for CRM integration and advances the business capacities in data management.

12 Questions and Answers on CRM Integration

Learning how to overcome the pitfalls of integration strategy doesn’t supply some prescribed industry-standard advice. Thus, we can provide a set of challenging issues and effective responses to set up your infrastructure effectively.

#1 Can I get a test account to test Data2CRM.API solution in action?

You can sign up for a Free Demo Plan and try the capabilities of the service during a month. To register an account, go to app.api2crm.com.

#2 What uptime you offer your clients?

In accordance with the SLA agreement, Data2CRM.APi guarantees 99.8% uptime every month.

#3 Does Data2CRM.API support integration of hosted CRM platforms?

The unified application integration service provides interaction of business software and apps with the hosted CRM systems.

#4 Does the integration service support custom fields?

CRM integration provided by Data2CRM.API enables the custom fields.

#5 If I reach the maximum amount of CRMs, what error will appear?

When you use all the API calls, the PHP SDK will show you 403 error [SERVICE_CONNECTED_CRM_LIMIT_EXCEEDED].

#6 My status is still 'pending' on the Standard Plan. How do I fix that?

If you your status is “pending”, you need to confirm your email address to activate it.

#7 Where do I get the CRMKEY for the CRM I've added?

When you send post/crm method, the service API sends back a response with a unique CRMKEY. The ID that is returned is CRMKEY of CRM you’ve added.

#8 When I tried to get an existing task - it was a call log, but the service didn't return anything special like phone or name or email. Why?

You can't get any information: phone, name email, etc. because this data is related to another record types i.e. lead, contact, account and opportunity. They are displayed in the call log because a call is related to your lead record.

If you want to display this information in your system later, you should use get/lead/{lead_id} method, for instance.

#9 What does this error mean?  

Failed refreshing CRM oAuth token: Invalid Response from token URL with grant type "refresh_token"nResponse: {"error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"expired access/refresh token

When you run authorization via oAuth, you provide permission by clicking the button; this action created a record in the CRM about providing the access. You can delete this access in the CRM anytime, and then the token you gave to the service won’t work.

#10 How do I find my API URL in Salesforce?

The API URL of Salesforce may be different. For example, after the login in the CRM system, you can use the domain URL: https://eu6.salesforce.com/. However, it should look like https://eu6.salesforce.com/services/data/v31.0/ that means you use the domain URL and add services/data/v31.0/ to it.

#11 How can I let my users connect their CRM to Data2CRM.API?

In order to connect your clients to the service, you need to create a form on the client’s side where your users will enter the CRM type and Access API Parameters. Check out the list of Access API Parameters.

#12 If CRM has custom fields, how we can update these leads?

To update leads with custom fields, you should use get/lead/describe methods that retrieve all the fields (including custom ones) and information on their type and structure. In that way, you can figure out the name of the custom field and use this in the put/lead/{lead_id} method to update them.


Increasingly more companies are looking for applying the up-and-coming trends in the technology as they are not eager to be beaten by the competitors. CRM integration builds the winning opportunities for business software vendors and business owners: the maintained ecosystem to transform the business workflow and boost efficiency, as well as provide richer experience and ROI growth.

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