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CRM Telephony Integration – Make the Call to Improve Your Business

The world of technology is undergoing some rapid changes. New apps and devices appear on the market every day, forcing software providers to search for the ways of improving their products constantly. The telephony industry is not an exception. There are numerous solutions for auto and predictive dialing, call distribution and monitoring, hot desking, etc. and they all can benefit from adding one feature - CRM integration.

To understand the benefits of connecting telephony apps with CRM better, let's look at the example of typical telephony users - call centers. Most contact centers handle hundreds or even thousands of calls each day. Integrating the apps they use with CRM platforms would make it possible to identify callers by the phone number, and display various information about each particular caller on the agent’s screen before the call even connects. This, in turn, would simplify the call resolution greatly and allow to save 30 to 60 seconds on each contact. The time saved could be utilized to concentrate on different operations and even more calls.

Some of the other advantages of integrating telephony and customer relationship management include increased First Call Resolution (FCR), higher customer satisfaction and lower costs. Most of these benefits are true for other telephony software users as well. So if you are willing to advance your app and provide additional perks to your users, consider integrating it with different CRM platforms.   

API or Application Programming Interface is thought to be the best method to perform the integration up to date. It allows to establish a stable communication between the telephony app and multiple CRM solutions. However, the process may turn out to be a bit tricky. If you do not possess sufficient technical skills and knowledge about the peculiarities of data storage in each desired system, you will have to outsource the task and find a developer/developers, willing to create separate integrations for each platform. Evidently, this will require considerable amounts of time and resources. Therefore, creating separate integrations is not a very efficient choice at all. Discovering a simple, yet functional way to perform data synchronization would take care of the issue.

Data2CRM.API is an online service designed specifically to resolve the problem of CRM integration. It allows to connect your app to more than 12 CRM systems, including such leading solutions as Salesforce, Highrise, Zoho, SugarCRM, ets. simultaneously. The advantages of using this solution for you, as a vendor, include:

  • Significant decrease of resources necessary for integration;
  • Instant access to 12+ platforms with all their versions;
  • Possibility to extend the potential customer circle with thousands of CRM owners;
  • Secure data interaction;
  • Great flexibility and scalability;
  • Full tech support and extensive documentation.

All in all, Data2CRM.API is a practical solution for all telephony service providers, who are willing to attract attention of CRM owners to their apps and leap ahead of the competition. If you are among such people, dispel all doubts and integrate your product with top CRM solutions.

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