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CRM API Integration – Benefits for Business

Data2CRM.API is a unified CRM data integration solution that supports seamless interaction between your business software and markets giants like Salesforce, SugarCRM, Zoho, SuiteCRM, Insightly, Vtiger, and others.

Amplify your potential customers with thousands of companies

Level up your business value and functionality with 17 CRM platforms integration. Once integrated, you extend your potential market with SugarCRM, Salesforce, MicroSoft Dynamics and other platforms clients.


Powerful and cost-effective integration development

Succeed in your interaction, and save your time and efforts on CRM experts or consultants. Our unified API will be up and work effectively for multiple platforms. You integrate with one CRM and get the connection to 17. CRM integration has never been easier and faster.


Connect with an industry expert

Data2CRM.API is a part of MagenticOne family, a company that started its way in e-Commerce in 2001 and has more than a 100 000 of happy customers in 150 countries worldwide.


Reliable and secure CRM API integration provider

Powerful integration service with guaranteed 99.9% uptime, ensures data interaction security by using a unique 32-symbol API key and SSL connection.


Full technical support and assistance

A dedicated support manager as well as a team of developers are here to help you with any issues and challenges. Furthermore, Data2CRM.API can broaden functionality and opportunities on your request, thus, meeting your unique business needs and requirements



Schedule a Call

Data2CRM.API representative will contact you at any convenient for you time and offer industry insights, service functionality details and optimal value proposition to meet your goals.

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